Friday, October 05, 2007

My fears.

I hate speaking French over the telephone, even if it's with a friend. It's just so hard. And I hate speaking French to those who work in the medical field (AKA my internal physician or ObGyn). The absolute worst for me? Speaking French with my internal physician over the phone. I had to do that this past week and I'd wished that I could of just asked if I could swing by his office and speak with him face-to-face, but not charge me the consultation fee. He knows that I struggle with French, but he continued speaking too fast and when I asked him if he could please slow down for me? I get an enormous sigh. Rude. And frustrating. And discouraging. And unhelpful. By that point, I just want TH to take care of everything for me. And where does that get me?! Well, it gets me quicker results, but I need to do these things on my own. It's experiences like these that have me yearning for the USA.


jesirose said...

A frenchman rude and unhelpful? *gasp*

Just kidding, but I'm sorry you had a hard time with that :(

Penny said...

That is discouraging. But I applaud you for even trying to speak to your physician on the phone. I really cant cope with the phone yet!

ruthie said...

Hi! sorry to read you had such a frustrating experience. In my opinion, it happens all the time everywhere, believe me, this doesn't make it less frustratin unfortunately... I've lived abroad most of my life and even when I lived in Paris and NY and my french and english weren't perfect I'd get someone rude that didn't want to slow down for me or repeat a word :-(
I applaud you too for doing your best :-)
big hug to you!

Mim said...

Last fall, while in Paris for 10 weeks, my fake tooth fell out. I was shocked because I forgot it was a fake one. I went to a dentist and was so nervous communicating in French and worried that I didn't understand what he was telling me. When his assitant came in, I mentioned (en francaise) my nervousness about it and she said (en francaise) "the dentist speaks English." aaaagh!! And I'd been struggling with French. Bon courage!