Monday, October 15, 2007


I cannot, for the life of me, pronounce the word "lundi" (= Monday) correctly. Someday soon, I feel that my tutor just might jump across her desk, knocking over her laptop in the process, as she makes her way towards me so she may strangle me due to frustration that I have not been able to remember how to correctly pronounce such a simple word after meeting with her a couple times a week for over a year. I would probably want to strangle me too. I've been living in France for almost 2 years and I still forget how to pronounce it correctly. Recently, I just told her straight up that I'll probably mispronounce the word for the rest of my life and that she should just stop trying. It's hopeless.

So today, I was listening to a knitting podcast (the life of an unemployed American expat) that mentioned how a scarf is like a big, warm, wool hug. It's so true. Sis, I'm currently knitting you a big, fuzzy, warm hug (not entirely wool) for Hanukkah. Of course, it's not a ruined surprise since you asked for it. Next, I'll be knitting you something that (hopefully) keeps you from collecting too many unnecessary plastic grocery bags. I'm looking forward to starting that project because it'll be more challenging and keep me distracted from thinking so much about when my recently placed order of Noro Kureyon yarn will arrive.


Family Adventure said...

What the heck, just stay home on Mondays! :)

- Heidi

Penny said...

I cant do Lundi either - David is always correcting me. That yarn looks gorgeous - what are you making with it? Is that for the scarf for your sister? I'm waiting on some too for Lily's hat - hope it gets here by Thursday :)

Christine said...

I've got the same problem with pronouncing 'mauve' in English. Although, luckily it's not as common a word as 'lundi' ^_^;

African Kelli said...

Me? I'd love a hug. Even a wool one! :)
Just teasing. No room for wool in AZ. That said, beautiful yarn and you'll get looondi soon enough.

Jennifer said...

My problem was always the rolled r in Spanish. Other than that, I struggle more with grammar. I guess it's my musician's ear that helps me learn pronunciation.

Why is Monday the worst day, in any language?