Saturday, September 22, 2007

The new winter hat.

I think TH and I will be sharing this one. I loved knitting on circulars but despised decreasing at the top with DPNs. Thought I'd poke myself. Those things are weapons.

J'adore Noro Kureyon.

Here's the easy-peasy pattern:
CO 80 sts
K2, P2 in the rnd for 16 or 17 cm
P2tog, K2
K2, P1 for 2 rnds
P1, K2tog
P1, K1 for 2 rnds
K2tog until you have about 5 or 7 sts left
Pull yarn through remaining loops and weave in ends.
Pattern by Annelisl at Tricolaine in Geneva


Karina said...

cute!!! don't you love knitting new winter hats? :) i'm going to try the market bag soon, thanks for the links!

African Kelli said...

Love it! Bravo!!

sognatrice said...