Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brief thoughts by Emily.

The thick blanket is back on our bed, as we prepare for the (even) colder weather to arrive. I see snow on the peaks already! I'm busy knitting holiday gifts and dreaming of my next big project. A blanket with Noro Kureyon yarn or maybe a sweater? High hopes. We finally removed the band-aid from our laptop yesterday and installed a spanking new internal hard drive. It has over 3 times the space of the old hard drive. What shall we do with all of that space?! My days of swimming in the lake are over and plans to join the pool are on my list of things to do. I continue my French studies and especially with a group of retirees that I've started teaching an English conversation class to. They refuse to only speak English during that brief hour and a half. It's amusing. I'm helping them, but they too are helping me. How quickly I initially wanted the fugly couch out of our apartment, but now that it sits by our desk, I enjoy putting my feet up while working on the computer or having a place to fold our laundry or place my bookbag.

Au revoir September, your visit passed by way too quickly.


Sassafras-Sara said...

Emily! I love, love, love your blog! It is so interesting, I also have moved far away from my old home, Washington, to my new home, South Dakota, I realize that living in the French Alps is totally different and doesn't even compare to S.D. but I love when people move away and have faraway adventures.

I also have had a HORRIBLE couch and now I have a brand new and very cute one, I really do enjoy it.

I will certainly be keeping up with your "torturing" of people. Have a great day.

dephal said...

Did you decide on Lizard Ridge yet? It's even getting chilly here in California.

dephal said...

Hey, Emily, Little Knits has Kureyon on sale:

I'm not sure whether they'll ship to France, though.