Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eating organic.

I just found our neighborhood bio (=organic) store. It's so close, I could walk there in 15 minutes. Why'd it take me 1.5 years to find it?

Today, I brought home loads of things we normally eat, but that weren't bio. We usually eat bright orange dried apricots, deep purple fresh beets, and bright yellowish-orangish candied ginger. I'm discovering that these aren't the normal colors of those items. And it's a tad scary to discover this. I'm so used to (what I thought was) the normal colors of these items that as I'm opening up packages of these organic products, I'm wondering what's wrong with them. Is it that they're not pumped with chemicals or anything artificial to make them look so pretty? Organic dried apricots are actually black. My friend had me try one yesterday and I didn't understand why her dried apricots where black. How gross, I initially thought until she told me that they're organic and are supposed to be black. After describing them to Darin, we've decided we're no longer going to purchase bright orange dried apricots from Carrefour. And we were huge fans.

In case you're wondering, the beets are sort of brown and the ginger is...the color of fresh ginger.

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