Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Being star struck.

This morning, I arrived at the Geneva airport and waited by the window that allows visitors to watch passengers wait for their luggage. As I'm watching my sister, and everyone else who was on her plane search for their bags, I notice I'm standing next to a very tall and very good looking man who's waving to his girlfriend/wife/whatever. She approaches the window to talk to him. As she's approaching him, my heart skips a beat....it's Carol Alt. She was my all time favorite 80s supermodel. And she looked gooooood. Do supermodels ever age badly?! I had no idea she was so tall! After returning back to my beloved laptop, I realize I was standing next to her boyfriend. Some Russian hockey dude. Oh yea, he also won some Olympic medals...whatever. He's dating Carol Alt!


katie said...

That's so cool! Fun seeing people you admire.

Have a great time with your sister. Enjoy your cruise! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Alexei Yashin just left the NHL to play in Russia. He was one of those guys with a ton of skill and no heart.

African Kelli said...

How tall? Like 6 feet?