Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This week's to-do list.

1. Finish reading Harry Potter 7. I've heard of some people who've finished the book in 6 hours, 24 hours, etc. I'm taking my time. Hopefully, I'll have consumed all 600 pages by this weekend.
2. Continue working on my new knitting project: a hat for Darin.
3. Spend 30 minutes/day studying French. I've been on a "break" for a month and a half and I've regressed. Darin's not happy with me when I ask him if it's "tu est" or "tu es".
4. Clean our apartment for our weekend visitor.
5. Find cumin (Monoprix's been out of it for days) for an artichoke quiche recipe I recently discovered.
6. Decide if I want to continue volunteering on Wednesday afternoons or change to another shift. The volunteers I've been working with (and knitting gifts for) are starting to become evil.
7. Pray that we have sunny weather again so I may continue working on my farmer's tan so that I don't scare all the passengers on the Mediterranean cruise my sister and I will be embarking on soon.

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BlogMaestro said...

About reading slowly .. ofcourse it's good to read slow, to get all the details! And the Harry Potter books are always like .. 800 to 1000 pages .. can't read that in 24 hours .. I need at least three or four days, and then I'm reading real fast .. letting it sink in is much more enjoyable reading, to let each line sink in, sometimes I imagine the words and sentences being read to me, and/or that there are various tones of voice for the various characters, like you would read for a child =)

Glad to see other guys/girls reading Harry Potter, at "adult" age ... I feel that people born in the 70s have a great sense of both worlds , both adult and child's play / ways =) Maybe everyone in their 30s don't know whether they are kids or adults ? hehe

David (Sebilden on Flickr)