Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day, USA!

Yesterday, a friend wished me a good holiday (for tomorrow). "Um, what holiday are we talking about?", I responded. Duh...July 4th. Living in another country, you tend to forget (some of) those holidays. I still get confused when Mother's and Father's Days are celebrated on different days in the US and in France. And I'm still not straight on what holidays we celebrate over here. A lot of Catholic ones, I know that. A question I tend to ask way too many times: "So, um, what does this holiday mean again?".

I hope my next batch of visitors, who are arriving this afternoon, don't mind us celebrating the July 4th holiday, "French style" (AKA not celebrating the holiday at all). Let's just chalk it up to laziness.


The Late Bloomer said...

I know, I almost completely forgot about the 4th too... Of course, if it weren't for the reminders I have seen scattered around the Net, I probably would have been oblivious! But Polly Vous Français has kept me up to date on some American activities, even though I probably won't be joining in on any myself, this time around. Have a wedding to attend this weekend. (Cross your fingers that the weather will be kind to us, for once!!)

I do miss my family the most at times like this, though... Thoughts come rushing back, memories... I wish I had had my U.S. fix this year, because this will be the first summer in three years that I haven't gone back home to visit, and it's just really hitting me how much I'm going to miss it.

My brother sent me some pics of my niece and my family celebrating her 10th birthday, and boy, was it hard to look at them! Bittersweet, I tell ya...

Jennie said...

Hi Emily, I was just wondering which language school you go to in Annecy. I'm thinking about taking some DELF/DALF preparation courses soon.

- Jennie