Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To be a kid again.

I only spent a couple days with these cuties while visiting the US, and, oh, how it made me miss being a little kid again. Having no worries, my favorite cartoons on demand thanks to Tivo ("Mommy, I want to watch Dora!"), eating as many bagels as I want and knowing that they're only going to make me grow bigger and are not going straight to my hips...forever, eating fruit pops on the porch with Mommy and Daddy, going on walks around the block after dinner on long summer days, getting to wear shorts and a t-shirt with...rainboots, going to your first movie ever (Shrek 3). I still remember seeing either "Peter Pan" or "Pinocchio" with my dad when I was like 4 or something. These are the things I experienced with these twins, but I have similar memories of my own. Do you?


ColourMeCrazy said...

Not to mention stress-free days and not having to worry about work - just whether you remembered to bring something for showandtell! And Sesame Street! I loved that!

I like the pink room in the photo ;-)

Jennifer (the singing one) said...

What fun! I miss the innocence and the sense that everything is new and exciting. I feel so cynical - guess I need a vacation. :)