Monday, June 18, 2007

Greetings from NJ.

I'm sad that my US trip is winding down. I hop on a plane this Thursday. Boo. It's just so nice to be visiting family and friends and eating my favorite foods and shopping in my favorite stores and being able to understand almost everyone...and enjoying some "take-away" coffee once in awhile...

But, I'm looking forward to seeing my hubbie again and to enjoying the laid back life we have in Annecy.

Since I last blogged, my family and I went to a taping of "The Colbert Report". SC was wonderful with the audience and incredibly funny. I ♥ him even more now that I've had this experience. Before the show started, they had a comedian come out to warm up the audience. He asked if there was anyone in the crowd who was from another country so I raised my hand. Ok, technically, I'm not from another country, but I live in another country. After a little friendly banter, he started to call me "the fake French".

The day after we spent our time gawking (and laughing) at Stephen Colbert, my parents and I drove up to Cape Cod, or what I also like to call, "The land of American flags in everyone's front yard". We never were able to forget what country we were in as we ventured around the area. This patriotism was mind-boggling. I ate a lot of chowder while the weather was grey and cold. I really tried to consume as much seafood as I could. On our last day, my dad and I took a ferry over to Nantucket. It was during the only sunny day we had. Nantucket is beautiful. Of course, we drank some Nantucket Nectars since we were in...Nantucket. We spent a few hours in their wonderful Whaling Museum, learning about the history of whaling. There's a skeleton of a juvenile sperm whale that washed ashore in 1998. It was très cool.

Currently, I'm in New Jersey visiting a college friend and her husband and twin little girls. I just can't get over how adult my friend has become....she owns a house...and drives a family car. Yesterday, we took her girls to see "Shrek the Third". Cute movie. This was the girls' first time sitting through an entire film. We were all so proud.


The Late Bloomer said...

Sounds like you've been having such a fabulous time in the States, Emily! I envy you your trip home too, I have to admit... I probably won't make it back before at least the holidays this year, which will mean a whole year will have gone by, and in the past I've sometimes been lucky enough to squeeze in two trips a year. But I know that as time goes by it's going to be harder and harder to fit in those trips...

And I can SO relate to that torn feeling when it's time to leave: I want to stay longer with my family, but at the same time I want to get back to my boy. ARGH -- the life of expats!

Victoria said...

i love your blog post title-an excellent nod to the Boss.

if you get a chance to check out the jersey shore (and haven't been yet), i think the shore rivals cape cod.

enjoy the rest of your trip as it winds down.