Tuesday, March 27, 2007

La piscine.

My friend and I recently purchased a 10-pass to a local indoor swimming pool. Today, was our 2nd day. She's training for a triathlon and I'm...um...just coming along for the swim. I haven't swam in almost a year and a half (since the summer of my wedding) and oh, did it feel nice to be back in a heavily chlorinated pool again.

As I try to become more friendly with the pool peeps, I will then begin my mission to establish some "rules" at this pool as there currently seem to be very little. Right now, I believe there's a rule that no matter what level of swimmer you are, you can swim in any lane you want. Even if you're the slowest swimmer in the lane and it's obvious because the rest of the swimmers are passing you on...each...lap. I believe there's another rule that if you're taking a class in order to learn how to swim, the best lane for you to be in is the lane with the fastest swimmers in it. I mean, that makes the MOST sense to me??? I feel all pool members would benefit from these lap swimming hours, if each lane was reserved for a specific level of swimmer.

Why is someone on a kickboard cruising in my lane?!

My friend and I are there to kick some swimming ass.

Now, if her husband's reading this right now...I did not push her so hard that she got that cramp in her leg. I was the good friend that tried to carry her to the end of the pool, massaging her cramp at the same time, plus trying not to drown.


African Kelli said...

I love to swim. I agree -- there should be a natural order to how people align themselves in the lanes.
Slower swimmers toward one end of the pool, graduating to the fastest swimmers at the other. It is very frustrating to be trying to work out and have someone constantly on your toes (because they are so fast) or in your way.

in the Alps said...

I couldn't agree more! I go to the pool in Megeve and it's complete anarchy! I don't believe it's specific to your pool, perhaps you could look into teaching a class partout en France for swimming etiquette?

Karina said...

At my pool there is a big open section with no lanes and that is just for everyone, then there is a lane for "bon nageurs" and then a lane for flippers. I almost never swim in the good swimmers area because those people fly by but the people in the open section annoy me because they don't bother trying to swim in a straight line, or they'll randomly stop in the middle of the pool to chit chat with their friends... grrr :-)

nichole said...

Hi Emily. I'm a friend of Chris' and she told me that you're taking French classes in Annecy. I'm trying everything I can to stay in France next year and one of my options is to remain on a student visa. Would you be able to shed some more light on the program for me? I heard yours is a 9-5 program...do you know of any others that are less intensive? Any smidgen of information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
You can e-mail me at cocomo_girl@hotmail.com

Thanks so much!