Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Le Grand Journal.

We're having gorgeous weather today. A little chilly, but clear and sunny. I sat by the lake while reading my latest book. Very good people watching today. The joggers (blech!), couples cuddling on nearby benches, tourists and people on lunch break were nibbling on sandwiches. As I was walking home, I passed through the large grassy knoll which was covered with lunching, gossiping, and/or smoking students and suddenly remembered this atmosphere from last summer. I spotted someone actually swimming the lake (!!!). I bet it was pretty cold.

Last night, Darin and I watched a bit of one of our fav evening TV shows, "Le Grand Journal". I have a little crush on the grey-haired host, Michel. Anyway, it was one of their "Best of" episodes and during these special ones, they like to show segments of episodes with English speaking celebrities trying to speak French. It's very amusing.

Here we get a snippet of Dustin Hoffman acting (?) with Emma Thompson:

During the show, they have a segment where they stick the guests in a white room in front of a TV screen with questions that they answer or not. Here's Justin Timberlake. Adorable.

Will Smith = Rubik's Cube champion. Dad, you jealous?

Sting speaks French like a Spanish cow. Kristin Scott Thomas is not half bad. Neither is Hugh Grant, but I didn't feel like including him today.

Last but not least. Jodie Foster. Wowsers.


Samantha said...

You know, I have to say, I absolutely detest hearing Jodie Foster speak French. She drives me up the wall - she just always looks so arrogant and self-righteous.

jo said...

Jodie Foster's got a Parisian accent to my hears. That's probably what makes her sound arrogant.
I love it when Kristin Scott-Thomas speaks French. It's sexy.

Olivier (Montréal, Canada) said...

Jodie Foster was a student in Grenoble. That's why she speaks perfectly french. :)