Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emily's Oscar Picks.

I've realized that the reason I go see so many movies is because it helps me with my USA homesickness. It's quite a comforting feeling to be sitting in a theater, hearing and seeing the 20th Century Fox intro or other movie company's jingle and icon, and sitting through a movie with a tub of popcorn or bag of candy in my lap.

We don't get the Oscar show over here. I'll probably be searching for clips on YouTube the day after like I did after the Golden Globes. From what I've seen of the nominated movies and performers, here's who I hope will win for categories I care about:

Leading Actor: No idea. Didn't see any of the films as they haven't yet made it to Annecy.
Supporting Actor: I think Markie Mark found his perfect role in "The Departed", but the kid actor from "The Bad News Bears" made my mouth drop in "Little Children".
Leading Actress: Though I absolutely adore Meryl and thought she was great in "Prada", Helen Mirren was fabulous. I think my sister will disagree since she fell asleep during the movie.
Supporting Actress: Rinko from "Babel". Wow.
Director: I think it's about time for Mr. Scorcese to walk away with an award, BUT I'm crossing my fingers for Paul Greengrass.
Documentary: The only one I saw and the one that deserves the award in order to get as much press as possible so that every human on this planet will see it: "An Inconvenient Truth".
Best Picture: The movie overall was original and interesting. I vote for "Babel".


African Kelli said...

I have no excuse for not having seen most of those films! I really want to see Babel and Little Miss Sunshine. Perhaps this weekend...

Sara said...
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Samantha said...

Hi, I'm another American expat in France and I just came across your blog so I thought I'd say hello. I too started out here with pretty much non-existant French and worked my way up.

PS. I just saw "Little Children" and think you should add another button saying "WTF??" - we were all a little dazed walking out of there, and no one could decide if they liked it or not.

Sara said...

i really liked Babel! We were also thinking we should see some of the movies that are up for Oscars, the French seem to love Blood Diamond.

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