Monday, January 22, 2007

10 things I miss about the USA.

Of course my loved ones, but this is just a list of random things that popped into my head today.

1. Take away coffee. No, not Starbucks. Take away coffee from independent coffeehouses.
2. Saran Wrap. The brands over here suck.
3. Being able to buy magazines in English and paying the price marked on the mag. Not having to puy double or triple the amount.
4. Reruns of our favorite TV English.
5. Trader Joe's. They got a good thing going over there.
6. My car. Or automatic cars in general. Sigh.
7. REI.
8. Excellent customer service. Hopefully, you know how good you have it over there.
9. Dog crap/piss-free sidewalks. Oh, how I dream of walking down those sidewalks.
10. Cheap sushi.

By the way, "Hollywoodland" is only being shown in French. We were so disappointed to learn this, especially at the theater that always shows their movies in the original version. We saw "Volver" instead and it was wonderful. The disappointment with "Hollywoodland" was quickly erased. I probably understood about 75% of the French subtitles and 2% of the Spanish.

On our walk home from the theater, D and I were trying to think of American movies that just tell a story. Just portray a snippet of life. No Hollywood endings. No endings where everything amazingly works out. No movies that are tied up in a pretty bow and handed to the audience before the credits roll. If you can think of some, dites-moi.


African Kelli said...

Lost in Translation and Brokeback Mountain come to mind. I love movies that don't wrap up nicely too.

R_Claw said...

The Graduate

Emily said...

Last night, Darin added "Pieces of April" and I added "American Beauty".

Jennifer said...

Does "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" count? I gotta say, I like the happy ending. Life can be unhappy enough, I don't need reminding. (However, you all have named some excellent films.)

Lugnetetc said...

Woody Allen films and American beauty (+ lost in translation)...
monty python is british isn't it?

Jennifer said...

I finally thought of another one - "Million Dollar Baby."

And remember "The Crying Game?" I can't remember if that one was American or British, but I seem to remember it did not wrap up in a neat little package. Ooh...unintentionally bad pun there.

BTW - yes, yes, Monty is British. I offered it tongue in cheek, as you must admit it does have a rather unresolved sort of ending...

Lynda said...

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get your wonderful blog approved for the Delightfulblogs directory but after spending an hour reading the posts I am now a huge fan and plan to visit regularly.


Anonymous said...

the guardian

Courtney said...


American in France said...

I can't think of any movies right now, but I know what you mean all the other stuff.