Monday, May 29, 2006

Attending my first dubbed movie.

So, there are 2 movie theaters in Annecy. Decavision, which plays only blockbuster movies and they’re all, dubbed. The other theater is much smaller and plays foreign movies in original version. As of last week, I only viewed movies at the smaller theater. Did I mention that they only sell popcorn at the larger theater? I've missed popcorn so much that last week Darin and I went into the larger theater just to buy a tub of popcorn and then walked out and ate it on our walk back to our apartment. It was delicious. They don't sell salty, buttery popcorn like one can find everywhere in the USA. Here, it's sweet. And goooooood.

So later last week, I decided that it was time for me to attend my first movie in the dubbed movie theater. Actually, I wanted the experience of watching a movie and eating a theater. We decided to go see the latest "X-Men" flick. Darin said he would translate any dialogue I didn't understand plus we could get a tub of popcorn to share. Cool. Since we got there close to the start of the movie, there were only separated seats for us. Darin thought nothing of it and felt that someone would be happy to move to another spot so that we could sit together...

So we find 2 seats smack dab in the center of the theater. One in front of the other. I sit down and Darin asks the woman sitting next to me if she is alone...yes. And would she mind switching seats with him so that he can sit by his wife, who is learning French, and be able to translate the movie to her...she answered, no (!!!). She tells him that she arrived early for this seat and didn't want to move. Mind you, the seat she would change to is right in front of her. Then Darin asks if she wouldn't mind translating for me. Then she turns to me (she was about my age) and says, "It's okay if you get the translation after the movie, right?” I didn't want to make a scene so I said, "Of course". Then she continues to talk to me in English and we spend quality time, before the movie starts, getting to know one another. The movie starts...she doesn't translate the minimal dialogue except she does explain 2 jokes from the movie that everyone laughed at except me. They were stupid jokes anyway. The movie ends, she and I talk a little more, and then she apologizes to Darin because she thought that we were making some excuse just to sit together. Here you go people...if ever in a crowded movie theater and you want to sit next to your loved one, use this may just work for you.

I feel very proud of myself as I did understand most of the dialogue...there wasn't much to translate anyway.


R_Claw said...

I saw it on Friday - it was awesome! And I thought of you as I know you love X-Men as much as I. Yes, not much dialogue to translate, there wasn't much in the entire film . . . Lots of fun though.

Tina Martin said...

Hey Emily! Its Tina...
Sounds like everything is going great and I love hearing about your fun french adventures...
I miss you and Darin very much!
I'm studying abroad (again!! haha I know its crazy) this time in Rome so we should definitely see each other! I'll be there from August to December.
I want to go snowboarding in the Alps next winter so if you guys can't make it Italy I'll come visit you!
Good luck and love you!

Shefali said...

Em - I have so much reading your blog...Chris and I laughed so hard reading your last few entries...forget psychology, you should write for a living...seriously!!!

Miss you and love you!