Thursday, April 27, 2006

Long time, no blog.

Since my last posting, I have been busy entertaining the fam who came to visit me over a duration of 2 weeks. It was wonderful having familiar American faces in my presence. It was also nice to have other people to laugh at when they were trying to speak French. I'm usually the one laughed at. But having the family in my neck of the woods gave me the wonderful opportunity to practice my horrible choppy french. At one restaurant, I wanted to order more cornichons (pickles) and instead I asked for more Reblochon instead which is a type of cheese that is only made in my region of France. The face on that server's face was priceless. But as I was practicing my french and learning more along the way, my family had the (fantastic?) opportunity of learning new words and phrases with me.

Other than their visit keeping me busy, classes have been going well. My class of 20 is uncomfortably quiet and it drives me nuts. Our profs will ask us questions (to get us to talk) and then there will be an uncomfortable silence for a minute so then I end up opening my mouth for most of the duration of class. I know they are sick of listening to me. And then I beg and plead my friends to talk out as well and they just won't have any of it. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the room and there is a group of 19 students watching me from behind one of those observation mirrors.

One of my classes had a field trip to the outdoor market this week. For me, it was like going to Disneyland. So many colors and smells and languages being spoken. We were given questions to ask and answer while attending the market. One of the questions we had to ask 2 vendors was: What is your favorite regional dish? One man, I asked, told me he prefers hamburgers. As I nodded at him to show that I understood him, I also gave him the oddest look. Of all the delicious foods that one can find here, you prefer hamburgers?? I bought some homemade green olive tapenade plus a little container of some homemade eggplant spread. C'est bon! Darin and I are currently licking the bottoms of the containers for those last bits.

The weather here is getting quite nice. It's been warm...for the most part. Sitting on the huge lawn next to the lake has been a highlight of mine recently. I try to spend my free moments there as much as I can. But you can't just walk out of your house in pants and a shirt way. One must always carry an umbrella with them if they desire to stay dry in the spring. It will be clear and warm during the mornings and around lunchtime and then pour all afternoon and then clear up and be sunny and clear again at the evenings. By the way, it remains sunny here until aroun 8:30 pm and it's only April!

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