Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm movin' on and up.

I passed the rest of my exam. Surprisingly, I did quite well. Go me. Looking forward to starting Group 2 in a week. Currently, I'm on "break". They give us 4 days in between sessions for a little vacation time. It's fabulous. I'm doing a whole lot of nothing while I count down the days to my birthday.

Last weekend, Darin and I rented "50 First Dates". The french title for "50 First Dates" is "Amour & Amnesie"...which means love and amnesia...why? Why can't they be translated into the exact same title in that other language? 50 premiers rendez-vous? That title sounds decent to me. Since most of the US movie titles are titled something else here, I choose my movies by recognizing the pictures on the covers. France calls "Crash" by the exact french translation: "Collision". I've been talking about the movie in class recently and told my prof: "You must rent the movie, 'Crash'!" I hope she figures out what I'm talking about or else she'll be searching forever.

Another thing that boggles my mind. We pronounce company names like "Chanel", the way the French pronounce it. But, why can't they pronounce "Nike" (pronounced like "nik") or "Levis" (pronounced "le-vees") the way the Americans pronounce it? This was a topic of conversation that came up in class one day and the prof failed to answer why they do this. It's just not fair.

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