Wednesday, February 15, 2006

J'aime mon nouveau portable.

Nothing too exciting to report from France, but I haven't blogged in a week and felt I owed it to my fan base of 3. Darin and I finally got cell phones (portables) last night. Being without a cell phone for a month and a half was like being in the desert without water...not good. Isn't that terrible? When I was in college, cell phones were the size of bricks and cost at least a million dollars OR were non-existent. Now they're considered a life line. Darin and I sure know how to spend our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. Actually, we crossed the street and walked into a small French restaurant that luckily just received a cancellation and had room to seat us during their busy Valentine's Day evening. It was a delicious meal of chestnut/mushroom soup, trout/potato terrine, a French version of lasagne, and chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet. Yum.

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