Friday, February 03, 2006

The edible USA.

Thank you EmZee and Ben for one of the BEST care packages e-v-e-r. I never knew how much I missed the USA until I sank my teeth in these most delicious cookies. J'adore these cookies. By the way, they are as fresh as can be after traveling for 12 days thanks to the USPS and France. I love love love every item in the package and cannot wait to cook Darin a matzoh ball soup + Rice-a-roni + Fig Newton dinner while reading him excerpts from Oprah's mag. Yum-bo! Thinking of you and your love for Bush in this photo. Thanks for the sweet thoughts and many calories. XOXO.

1 comment:

Emily said... glad you like the package! Nothing like preservative-packed, day-glo-yellow frosted boxed cookies to make you think of home. GO USA!!! GOD BLESS TOM DELAY!