Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Me gusta red poivrons.

I'm tri-lingual! That's how I speak to my Brazilian classmate...sad, but we're trying. He asked me what I was doing for lunch today. I actually already decided to eat at chez moi (my home) because I was cranky all morning and didn't feel like talking to anyone anymore. It snowed last night so my 45 minute walk to school consisted of a lot of slipping and sliding and walking over and around wet dog poop. I was also running late, but couldn't walk fast due to my fear of falling and breaking my 2 front teeth all over again. Anyway, I would really enjoy having lunch with my Brazilian classmate sometime...but what are we going to talk about? He speaks fluent French, but was placed in my group to improve his grammer which he tells me is very difficult. We have a horrendous time communicating because I speak choppy Spanish, 15 words of French, none of his home language, and am fluent in a language he does not know at all.

This week, we've been learning food vocabulary which I love love love. Did you know that France has around 400 varieties of cheese? I don't think I brought enough Lactaid pills for this...

Last night, we had one of my classmates over for dinner. She and I stopped at our neighborhood boulangerie for un baguette and dessert. Well, I wanted something with chocolate on it so we ordered deux pain de chocolate (2 chocolate breads). When it's time for dessert, we brought out the pastries to have Darin tell us that pain de chocolate is mainly a breakfast bread. Whatever. I'm fine with breaking the "rules".

P.S. Darin finally finished the book. It's so great to have him back in my life again. :)

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