Friday, January 06, 2006

Je m'appelle Emily

I woke up with my alarm today. Go me.

Another gorgeous day here in Annecy. Darin tells me were around 1400 feet in elevation. Its cold, but the sun is shining. I had a nice walk to school today. There are so many new things to look at, but I most enjoy looking at the snow covered mountains.

As I was working on my French homework like a good little anal student, I started to aquaint myself to "les nombres". I cannot understand, for the life of me, why 90 is "quatre (4)-ving (20)-dix (10)". It's not a math's a number. Why make it so confusing?

I also cannot understand why you do not pronounce the last letter on most French words. Then why is the letter there in the first place? Either to make the word look pretty or to confuse the foreigners that hope to learn the language? Or just to confuse me.

Finally, I do not understand why the French fail to pick up their dog's crap. It's everywhere! When I walked to school today, I felt like I was walking in a mine field. Do the dog owners think they are fertilizing the sidewalks and gutters? Boggles my mind.

Email me your explanations if you feel it will help ease my mind...please.

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Shefali said...

Hey Em! Sounds like French urban legends are not urban legends at all...they're true and you're the one that's going to confirm them all for us :) This is a wonderful idea...I feel like I'm living there! Can't wait to read more...Chris is enjoying it too.